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Today has been a day of multiple realizations about myself. Maybe the virgo in me is being overly critical of myself, but I think I needed a good, deep, look inside. I’m not happy with my findings, but I suppose that’s the first step toward making positive changes. 

Funny Stories

Forgot to post this from last week….

Background: We were learning about the difference between scientific theory (based upon lots of repeated and similar observations) and law (absolutes; same observation every time)

Me: *insert like 5 trips over the podium in like 3 minutes*

Student: Ms C., are you drunk?

Me: *laughs* No, why do you think that, J?

J: Well, every drunk person I’ve ever seen can’t stay on their feet. And you keep tripping. So I’m putting 2 and 2 together and saying you’re drunk. 

Me: But that’s not the ONLY reason people trip, J. I could be sleepy or clumsy. 

*another kid butts in* M: It’s just a theory, Ms. C. Not a law. 


D: So, Ms. C, are you bob marley’ing your hair?

Me: If you mean am I loc’ing it, yes, I am. 

D: But…there’s no lock, Ms. C. Just Bob Marleys. 


*kids complaining about another special ed teacher…I mention that I’ve never had a negative encounter with this teacher*

B: But Ms. C, I know you’ve never seen a negative side to him, but do you LIKE him?

Me: *scrunches face in hesitation*

B: No no, I don’t mean as a PARTNER, but like, as a human. 


*U.S. History*

Ms. M: Search warrants have to be VERY specific now because of this amendment. Police could walk into your house, see blocks of coke on the dining room table, and have to bypass it if their search warrant said marijuana in the basement. 


Ms. M: Yes, Z. They have to be specific. 

Z: That’s bull! This cop pulled me over and searched my car because he said he THOUGHT he smelled pot. I was mad cuz like, nobody has even smoked in this car for like 3 months!


My job. Is awesome. 

Birthdays :)

I’ve always hated New Year’s Resolutions. Why? It’s a general new year, true. But MY new year is my birthday. Thus, I skip the new year’s resolutions and make birthday resolutions. I tend not to stray from them, too. This year’s resolutions?

-Love me.

-Love God. 

-Love others. 

In other words, BE LOVE. Keeping it simple, really. I know exactly what each of those means underneath and what I need to do to make sure I’m doing every single one of those. 23rd birthday…I’m getting old, man. But I think I’ve grown SO Much in the past year. Probably more maturity in the past year than in any other year, for a lot of reasons. Thank you God, for a good year. And thank you, God, for the opportunity to have another good one. Peace. 

BTW…I’ve got 2 loc’d locs! :) 

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